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Welcome To Thara's Group

Our research group is actively involved in designing nanostructured materials and carbonaceous materials for application in energy conversion and storage devices and developing chemical and electrochemical biosensors. The curiosity in strengthening the applicability of alternative renewables like fuel cells and batteries arose from the environmental hazards posed by present non-renewable energy sources while also keeping in mind their limited availability. We aim to cater to this issue by in-depth fundamental analysis of the newly designed electrocatalysts for fuel cells and batteries by  various electrochemical, spectroscopic and microscopic techniques

Concomitant to these renewable energy alternatives, we also develop electrochemical biosensors to detect trace levels of pollutants in the environment and specific biological moieties in the body fluids to effectively determine the diseased condition of a patient effectively and quickly while being accurate. We are striving for an inexpensive and sensitive electrochemical detection.

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