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Welcome To Thara's Group

Our research team is actively engaged in the development of nanostructured and carbonaceous materials, specifically designed for use in energy conversion and storage devices. Our focus includes the creation of electrochemical biosensors for chemical and electrochemical applications. The motivation behind our interest in enhancing the viability of alternative renewable technologies such as fuel cells and batteries, stems from the environmental risks associated with current non-renewable energy sources, coupled with their limited availability.

To address this challenge, we are conducting in-depth fundamental analyses of newly designed electrocatalysts for fuel cells and batteries, utilizing a variety of electrochemical, spectroscopic, and microscopic techniques. In addition to our work on renewable energy alternatives, we are also dedicated to developing electrochemical biosensors. These sensors play a crucial role in detecting trace levels of pollutants in the environment and specific biological components in bodily fluids. Our goal is to efficiently and rapidly determine the health condition of individuals with accuracy. We are committed to achieving cost-effective and highly sensitive electrochemical detection methods.

Dr. Tharamani joined the esteemed Editorial board of Sustainable Energy and fuels as a valuable member.

Dr. Tharamani featured in the Journal of Material Chemistry A, B & C 10th anniversary community spotlight as a dedicated Author to  Journal of Material Chemistry A.

Congratulations for being selected as Editor's choice 2023: Advancing eletrocatalysts for a sustainable future and 10th Anniversary : Dedicated Authors collection for NRR assisted Zn-air battery using Co2B.

Congratulations Sukhjot Kaur for receiving best poster presentation at Catalysis for Energy Environmental and Sustainability (CEES) 2023, IIT Mandi.

Congratulations Daisy Mehta for receiving best oral presentation at international conference NANOMAT23 held in Warsaw, Poland.

Congratulations Dr. Tharamani C.N.  on acquiring CRSI Bronze Medal 2023. Many more laurels to come!

Congratulations Dr. Tharamani C.N.  for recieving ECSI Metrohm national award from Electrochemical Society of India 2023.

Congratulations Dr. Neha  for receiving Young scientist award  2023 by Chirantan Rasayan Sanstha (CRS).   

Congratulations Dr. Tharamani C.N. for receiving silver medal 2023 by Chirantan Rasayan Sanstha (CRS).   

Congratulations Dr. Divyani Gupta on successful defense of her Ph.D. thesis (2023) and her post doc position. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors! 

A very big congratulations to Dr. Alankar Kafle on completing your  Ph.D. thesis defence with such a great sucess. We wish for him a well-deserved success!

We welcome Sangeeta and Nisha in the group as Ph.D. Scholars.

Congratulations Daisy Mehta for receiving the best oral presentation award at the conference NBL-23 held at NIT Srinagar (May 29, 2023).

Congratulations Shivangi Mehta for receiving the best poster presentation award at the conference NBL-23 held at NIT Srinagar (May 29, 2023).

Congratulations Dr. Mukesh for joining as a postdoctoral fellow at Kyoto University, Japan (2023).

Congratulations Kalpana Garg for getting selected as Prime Minister Research fellow in cycle-10.

​Congratulations Divyani for receiving the best oral presentation award in ChemFest-2023 held at IIT Ropar (March 8, 2023).

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